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PC Gaming – Now & Then

By Marie Crawford

By today’s standards the gaming world was Neanderthal-like, both in the games playability and the crude machines on which they were played. My first experience was with the PC/console hybrids such as the Commodore 64 and the Amiga. It came with a gigantic keyboard that looked like it could sink a ship if thrown correctly, accompanied by an enormous tape machine on which to load the games.

gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard

That’s right, the games were on TAPE! Seriously. Now I have a PC tower, with DVD re-writer, AMD Athlon 6400+ 3.0GHz dual core processor, 2Gb DDR2 RAM, Nvidea GFX card, 200GB Hard Drive space, I can fire it up in under 30 seconds, and in another 60 I can be online disarming a bomb whilst someone on the other side of the planet can be trying to reign fire on me and my team mates from an attack chopper.


gaming keyboard

The Call Of Duty saga, accompanied by the Battlefield and Counter Strike masses make up just part of the absolute phenomenon of online gaming that the PC world embarked on just a few years ago. Not to mention some titles like Half Life 2 and Crysis have been awarded such prestigious titles as Best Game of All Time, regardless of platform or era.


Yes, to say that PCs, particularly PC gaming has come a long way is the world’s greatest under statement.